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Step 1, Study the opposing hitter(s). [1] X Research source Watch him/her in warmups before the game even starts, if you can. Watch his/her hitting motion on spikes and take note of any tendencies that might give you a split-second advantage in knowing where a spike is headed. Keep an eye out for “tells.” Does he strongly favor spiking to his left? Does she exaggerate her backswing when faking a ...Step 2, Watch the hitter’s motion as you prepare to dig. Even deceptive spikers tend to ...

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Step by Step Volleyball Digging Guide. Step 1 – Know your opponent. Knowing how your opponent attacks will allow you to be in the best position to dig a hard spike. Therefore, take any chance you can to study your opponent’s attacking habits so that no spike is too hard to dig.

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This step-by-step guide will walk you through the keys to consistent, quality, and controlled digs. Step #1 - Know Your Opponent. Being aware of what your opponent tends to do on the attack will allow you to be in the best position to dig the volleyball.

How to Dig a Volleyball

If you let the ball play you, there's a better chance of injuring your fingers. Keep your weight on the balls of the feet ready to push the ball forward. Keep your shoulders behind the ball. Keep fingers and wrists tensed for better ball control. Player's should developed many skills displaying how to dig a volleyball.

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To a dig a volleyball means you. prevent a hard hit spike or an attack hit ball from the opposing team by. placing your platformed arms held together and in the path of the ball to. deflect it up in the air. to keep it from hitting your team's court floor.

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How to dig in volleyball: keep thumbs pointed to the floor, which keeps your arms straight and creates a nice flat platform which you use to dig the ball up into the air (Al Case) Before contacting the ball your hips have to be below the level of the oncoming ball.

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When the ball is to your side, you need to bring your arms together at that side. So if the ball is coming off to your left, your left arm is already over there, bring your right arm out to meet it instead of joining them together in the middle and swinging your arms out together. Square your platform to your target.

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The goal is to dig the ball with both arms, so once you see where the ball is headed, bring your arms together, connect your hands and create your flat platform. Do not swing your arms. If the ball is hit to your right, bring your left arm to meet your right on the right side of your body.