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Rummy - Wikipedia

Rummy is a group of matching-card games notable for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The basic goal in any form of rummy is to build melds which can be either sets (three or four of a kind of the same rank) or runs (three or more sequential cards of the same suit). If a player discards a card, making a run in the discard pile, it may not be taken up without taking all cards below the top one.

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Rummy is a 2014 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film co-produced and directed by debutant Balakrishnan. It features Inigo Prabhakar, Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie, and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles, while Soori and Joe Malloori play supporting roles.

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Rummy Passion brings Rummy Wiki - A glossary & guide for all rummy buffs. Gain knowledge & start playing. Plenty of knowledge is in store, get started.

Gin rummy - Wikipedia

Gin rummy is played using a standard deck of 52 cards. The ranking from high to low is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Objective. The objective in gin rummy is to be the first to reach an agreed-upon score, usually 100 points. The basic game strategy is to improve one's hand by forming melds and eliminating deadwood.

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In the version known as Block Rummy, the discard pile is not reused at all. After the deck runs out and the next player don't want to take the discard, the hand is over at that point. Everybody score the value of the cards remaining in their hands.

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Rummy. Rummy is a card game often played with two or more decks, in which the players try to form sets and sequences of cards. It is also referred as Standard Rummy. Indian Rummy. A card game played in India with little variation from original rummy. It is considered a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin rummy. Objective

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It is also known as Pinochle Rummy and Michigan Rummy and is a game of 2-8 players. In most rummy versions, points carry negative value, but in this game, the player who grabs 500+ points first is the winner. 13 cards are dealt with each player.

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is a form of Deals Rummy where players play for three rounds. The player who has won the highest number of chips, of the opponents, at the end of the three deals is declared the winner. Closed deck :

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Rummy has been declared by the courts of law to be a game of skill or mere skill. Such games are excluded from the applicability of laws prohibiting betting and gambling ('Betting and Gambling' being a state subject under the Constitution of India) in all states to the exception of a few.