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HOW TO. To execute a reverse layup: Approach the basket from one side. You will finish on the opposite side. Come from the left side of the lane and dribble with your outside hand (left hand). As you approach the lane line, shuffle your feet so your baseline foot (left foot) is planted in the middle of the lane.

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This iSport Lessons video teaches basketball players how to shoot a reverse lay-up in basketball.http://basketball.isport.com/basketball-videos/

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What Is The Definition Of A Reverse Layup In Basketball? 1. This is a close-up shot in basketball in which the player stands near one side of the rim, but shoots the ball underhand towards the opposite side of the rim, often using their less dominant hand. By doing so, the ball may be better protected from opponents trying to block the shot. The player usually tries to bank the ball off the backboard to complete this shot.

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The reverse lay-up is another important fundamental. There are two types, the (1) outside hand reverse lay-up, and the (2) inside hand reverse lay-up. With the reverse lay-up, you finish the shot on the opposite side of the basket from where you started.

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The Reverse Layup. A reverse layup is simply a layup that uses the backboard and performed with your back facing the hoop. This type of layup is usually executed when your drive towards the hoop is too tight for a direct penetration into the basket.

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When shooting a regular reverse layup there are two keys. Get the ball high on the backboard; Put a little spin on the ball; By shooting it high on the backboard you are going to give it a better chance to go in. A big danger with reverse layups is missing short as it's to do that since you are going away from the basket.

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The reverse layup is a finisher all serious basketball players should know how to do. There are numerous benefits. Not only can you reach with your arm and get distance on the finish, you actually...