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Product features of rubber sponge
Time:2021/8/3 16:10:44    

With the progress and development of our country, the production and manufacturing industry and the construction industry have developed vigorously and more attention has been paid to the practical safety of commonly used materials at project sites, such as rubber and plastic sponge materials.

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1. Low thermal conductivity: When the average temperature is 0, the thermal conductivity of this material is 0.034w/mk and its surface heat dissipation coefficient is high. Therefore, the thickness of this product is more than half thinner than other thermal insulation materials to achieve the same thermal insulation effect under the same external conditions, thereby saving the space above the floor ceiling and saving investment.

2. Good flame-retardant performance: This material contains a large amount of flame-retardant and smoke-reducing raw materials, and the smoke concentration generated during combustion is extremely low, also it will not melt when exposed to fire and will not drop a fire ball. The material has self-extinguishing characteristics. According to GB8624-1997, this product is a Class B1 flame-retardant material to ensure safety and reliability.

3. Convenient installation and beautiful appearance: Since this product is flexible, it is easy and convenient to install. In addition, because of its smooth appearance of rubber and excellent performance, it does not need to add a vapor barrier or protective layer which reduces the trouble in construction, and also ensures a beautiful and smooth appearance.

4. Anti-vibration characteristics: rubber and plastic insulation materials have high elasticity, so it can reduce the vibration and resonance of chilled water and hot water pipes during use.

5. Other advantages: rubber and plastic insulation materials are very safe to use, neither irritating the skin nor endangering health. They can prevent the growth of mold, avoid pests or rat bites and are acid and alkali resistant, and have superior performance.

These properties make rubber and plastic an ideal insulation material for protecting pipelines, preventing them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments. 

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