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Polyurethane rigid foam’s performance
Time:2021/8/16 10:39:57    

1. Polyurethane rigid foam has low thermal conductivity

The data shows that the thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam is lower than that of air which is not available in other materials. Under the same effect, the insulation material made of rigid polyurethane foam will be thinner than other materials, so the weight of the building will be reduced.

2. Polyurethane rigid foam has good fire resistance and high temperature resistance

  Although polyurethane rigid foam is a polymer, it is a thermosetting material which is inert during combustion and will not melt. Instead, it will be coked to form a protective layer, thus effectively inhibiting the spread of fire. Moreover, the rigid polyurethane foam can also prevent oxygen from entering the interior of the board or wall insulation, so that it will not cause direct combustion of the core material and can ensure the integrity of the building. And by adjusting the formula, the polyurethane rigid foam material has higher fire resistance.

3. Polyurethane rigid foam has excellent self-adhesive performance with wall substrate

The rigid polyurethane foam material can be firmly bonded to the wall base material and can resist wind pressure well. As an external wall insulation system material, it is suitable for a variety of construction methods and its excellent self-adhesive properties can be fully utilized during construction to make the polyurethane rigid foam external insulation facing system better integrate with the external wall.

4. Polyurethane rigid foam has excellent mechanical properties and processing properties

The rigid polyurethane foam material is light in weight, high in compression strength and high in shear strength. Its closed cell rate is more than 90% and it has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof functions. Polyurethane rigid foam also has processing diversity and good acoustic properties, electrical properties, and resistance to weak acids and weak bases. It has no chemical substances, no corrosion, no toxicity, no irritation and no biological parasitism.

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