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Functionality and application of PU foam
Time:2021/8/23 11:31:52    

PU foam is a foamed material of polyurethane particles, referred to as foam. Foam has a series of characteristics such as elasticity, light weight, fast pressure-sensitive fixation, convenient use, free bending, ultra-thin volume and reliable performance.

  PU foam introduction: PU foam (also known as PU sponge, PU foam material, polyurethane sponge, sponge, etc.) is a multi-functional new type of special foam material with rich performance and a wide range of applications.  

PU foam characteristics:

●Very good shielding effect at low pressure, with shielding effectiveness exceeding 90dB.

●It is flexible and light in weight.

●The anti-corrosion nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion.

●Low surface contact resistance.

●Quick pressure sensitive fixation.

●Customers can specify the length.

●Many cross-section options.

●UL-class fire protection.

PU foam products are stable in quality, heat-resistant, not easy to fall off and have high tensile strength. It will maintain its quality after a low temperature of -20°C to a high temperature of 80°C and a cycle test for 72 hours after the product is installed. It has a series of characteristics such as convenient use, free bending, ultra-thin volume and reliable performance.

PU foam uses: widely used in household appliances, instruments, craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproof, sound insulation, travel luggage, clothing, household textiles, shoes and hats, toys, furniture, children's products, pet supplies, product packaging(including automobile industry, battery industry, cosmetics industry, bust underwear manufacturing industry and high-end furniture manufacturing industry).

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