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Classification of polyurethane adhesives
Time:2021/9/22 9:44:52    

Polyurethane adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive. It is an important part of the rapidly developing polyurethane resin. It has excellent properties and has been widely used in many aspects. It is one of the eight important synthetic adhesives. The composite polyurethane adhesive industry is a sub-industry of fine chemicals. Adhesives refer to substances that can bond adherends together through adhesion and there are many types of adhesives. There are many types of composite polyurethane adhesive products and the classification methods are different. There are three common classification methods:

1. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: packaging, leather, textile and shoemaking, printing, transportation, home appliances and electronic products, furniture and building materials, safety protection, composite polyurethane adhesives for new energy, etc.;   

2. According to the characteristics, it can be divided into several categories: ultra-low temperature, foaming type, anaerobic type, conductivity, high temperature resistance, high barrier, anti-aging, anti-medium, anti-slip agent and composite polyurethane adhesive;

3. According to different chemical principles, it can be divided into two categories: reactive composite polyurethane adhesive and non-reactive composite polyurethane adhesive. Due to the problems of environmental protection and safe production of non-reactive composite polyurethane adhesives, its market share has been gradually replaced by reactive composite polyurethane adhesives this year.

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